How To: Airbag Reset

Which is the same.

Disconnect the battery over night and come back to it again in the morning.
Cheers mate, I did disconnect battery for about 4 hours, but when I went back to it it was the same, will leave disconnected over night hoping that is going to solve it. :(

Thanks for the advice anyway guys!
If still not reset by the morning, try the ECU reset procedure, then try starting the Airbag reset from scratch.
Stress over, just thought I'd post incase someone else comes across the same problem.

Silly me, I did the reset went inside for a cuppa, & the key was still in ignition, & the sat nav screen stays on & killed my battery lol!
If anyone finds this searching for airbag warning reset procedure for the N15..
Turn on ignition with driver's door open. Within 7 seconds press door-frame switch 5 times. Turn ignition off. Repeat once more. Done.
Yanked out my driver side seat belt to clean it a few months back. I pulled the plug to disconnect the airbag and upon re installing the airbag light began blinking.

I tried the playing with the door switch method with no success.

Eventually I found a vid on youtube with a tutorial. It involved something with the ignition on and off a few times, flooring the accelerator pedal 5 times or something then the ignition again and the light went off. I will look for it later or during the weekend.

I dont know how to embed youtube vids but this is how I got mine off.

This worked perfectly for me on a 2004 Almera S so thanks shockwave. Only looked into this as my car failed its MOT due to this fault.
Only slightly annoying thing is that the light has been flashing for about a year (think it was triggered when I replaced my battery) and yet it could of been solved so quickly and easily lol.
i have tried the reset ,works for a while then starts flashing again, i am trying to locate the connectors under the seats but my car does not seem to have them. where could they be ?. almera 03

I dont know how to embed youtube vids but this is how I got mine off.

You are an absolute legend mate!....finally got rid of the flaming flashing red light on my Almera SE 1.8 auto, without having to pay Nissan barstewards £100 just to do a check!
Thanks a lot!
Almera 1.4 SVE 2004. After starting the engine for the first time in two weeks the airbag dash light was flashing and the centre display showed this message;

A malfunction may have occurred to the airbag or pretensioner system. Go to a Nissan dealer immediately for the system to be checked.
230720 Aribag Warning resized.jpg

This thread's advice saved me a trip to the dealer! Thank you to all of the contributors.

The YouTube embedded in this thread shows the procedure on a Nissan 350Z but is essentially the same.

Here's what cleared the error code for me.

1. Turn ignition ON
2. After 7 seconds airbag light goes off. Turn ignition OFF.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 three more times.
4. Turn ignition ON and start engine.
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I have experienced exactly the same issue before, I followed the 350Z video linked in the last few posts, and the issue cleared fine, but came back a few days later.

Is there any more permanent fix for this however? I've got my MOT coming up and part of me wants to chance it with the reset procedure, but the other half of me wants to fix it if there is genuinely something wrong with the Airbag System as I use this car as my daily driver, therefore the light does get annoying after a while.
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