Is it possible to play mp3 in an Almera?



hi, i would like to change the radio in Nissan Almera Tekna 2004, Does anybody knows the wiring harness diagram? CD player as in picture. Thanks in advance
Hi, I have an Almera S 2002, with a Clarion CY450 PN-2424M/ N CD player.

I contacted Connects 2, and Car Audio Direct, after getting lots of information from this thread (thank you). They said that the Ipod/ USB adaptors (Connects 2 CTANSIPOD001.3 / Connects 2 CTANSUSB001) are only compatible with the Blaupunkt stereos. Assuming this is correct, does anyone know of an alternative (other than an FM modulator)?

Thanks for all the information so far, any further leads (no pun) would be very gratefully received.

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I have a 2004 almera tino and finding it really hard to find a cd player, mine is broke and got a new cd player but the harness wont fit, i went to halfords and couldnt find an adapter or anything.. really finding it hard, hope someone can give me an idea of where to look ? Thanks
Where can i find Darren's thread please?
Alpine Vehicle Hub Pro with Nav TV interface to the factory screen. It's pricey but effective, although no one to my knowledge has actually tried it. Nissan never made any options for us to even be able to play MP3 CDs unfortunatly :(. Acording to the FSM there are Aux pins in the loom but no actual connection to plug into, i.e. phono.

Other than that you'd be looking at custom. Check out Darren's thread in the members section as he has moved the controls down into where the cubby hole and cd player are which has left a double-DIN space above. With that you can put in your own headunit then. I believe the ISO for the phase 1 (2000-2002) Almera works with the CD drive on the phase 2 (what you have) but I cannot confirm. If you don't have Sat Nav then you could try this. If you do have Sat Nav then you could move the nav drive backwards to leave space (what I intend to do), as you rarely need to access the disc in the drive (Nissan not being very efficent with space there!!).

I hope that helps and puts you in the right driection :). Oh and welcome to the club ;).

Darren's thread:

Where can i find Darren's thread please? The link doesn't work and i can't find members section.
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