Kitty the Red GTi

so bye bye to the AlmeraT and onwards and upwards with the Kitty the Red GTi. too dark for pics so ill do it tomorrow.

plans are

get it rolling roaded first, then...

strip the rat, fit koyorad, coilovers, vzr grille, SSA 4-2-1, decat, autech system, short shift, basicaly all performance mods that are on the RAT will be shipped over to Kitty.

also need to get the braided hoses from the blue gti and fit them, need to bleed the brakes and fit new pads

there is currently an 'ebay special' induction kit which will be going asap and replaced with a standard airbox and cold feed.

also need to clean up a spot of bubble rust on the front wing

stevie wonder must have done the touch ups on the bonnet and ray charles must have inspected the handy work :eek:

other than that she is pretty mint

oh... and got it for a grand total of £880



ive found places on the P2 are, inner rear arches (under the rear speakers) and lift up the rear seats, and check the belt mounting and chassis seams next to them :)

looks nice tho man :)
from drivin grizzly and driving kitty yesterday . . Id say the rat is quicker and does feel liftier. In theory kitty shud hav went like mine does or somewhere near it . . Wit the new "better quality" mods and standard air box i think kitty will prob be dead on. . .at least u hav a good solid low milage engine to play wit now ;-) shud be interesting to see . . As for rolling road. . . I wanna go wit ya this time since last time ya phoned me as ya were on your way and asked me if i wanted to go lol. Not this time ya ballbeg. . .
All in all good car to start your maturity wit (balls dropping etc) ;-) . . Enough of that rat shit . . Look after this car . . Take some pride. . . And give me grizzlys calipers ;-) xoxo
I still don't get this naming of 90's bland hatchbacks but forget that, welcome to the Gti club! Looks great for £880 notes!
my car is named ali! really put alot of thought into it! :D

ali-mera by any chance lol

anyway, ive most of the stuff stripped off, rad, exhaust, manifold, etc. dont think ill do anything just yet, gonna clean her up well, get it through the mot then commence the modding

Na dont get on much. Work has blocked forums apart from driftworks and reallymeansounds lol. You looking any nice bits for your car that i might have and am not fitting to the autech!!!! ;)
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