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hmm thats strange, well the cars been used unmapped like it for years so i guess it'll make no difference.

But if you want it done that fast aren't you going to struggle to book it in and be done within a week?! I think your only option is to go to steve asap. end of.

And whilst i fully understand about family, work commitments making it difficult etc, a few hundred quid on top of everything you laid out for the engine surely coulda been manageable :p lol, anyways saying if its not done before nunny it never will is silly - it surprises me your engine hasn't died already after 4 years so rich/lean etc, any more and imo it'll certainly kill it. Get it done, if the engines still reasonably healthy it'll transform the car!
Yet you had money to recently buy N1 spoiler & have boot smoothed etc that's what made me :lol: you and Leigh don't half do things funny like

Looking forward to seeing what the beast is like mapped though! You will get better MPG too

You couldn't get your car a better Xmas present mate :santa:


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It's a shame Mike, that when you first realised you could get this mapped you didnt go for the tried and tested (on wezz's VVL) Dastek UnichipQ. You could have got it booked in and done by now then.
Well good luck with what ever you do Mike, and I'am in your situation as well with commitments minus the wife and kids, so before my girlfriend demands that, I want to get my car sorted and fixed during 2011 and hit 3 major targets below in my
If I don't do them, hit my targets in 2011, then 2012 is a no go. It will then be garaged till kids and wedding done.

I did speak to those that do the ecu remaps etc, Steve, Dastex, Redline and for what I was wanting i.e nos, vvl control, no maf, throttle control, launch etc, the fact that I have a different car, engine, maf, etc..They told me I will be better off going standalone.
I have already had wiring issues with them being burnt out near the main loom, age i suspect.
Although the remaps on Nistune, Dastex will do the same job, the standalones will be better in the long run for upgrades.
They will manage all the controls more effectively, the remaps on the standalones will hopefully be few and far between.
How much to remap on the chips, prices seen above.
The guy form Holland paid for a remap, was not too happy with results so will go back again and pay for another remap.
Why will you think with a standalone removing the mss will be a step backwards?
The standalone will control up to 4 varibale cams/ control features etc, to control my vvl using 2 controls, nos 1 control and fans another 1 control.
They can all be adjusted to speed, rpm, control det.
I am not trying to teach you to suck eggs as I am sure you have the knowledge as well, just though if the standalone was done in one hit then all this remap, re wire, new maf, ecu trouble would more or less cost or have costed you the same amount over the 5 year build, buy leaving everything as and running standalone around all your mods.

I am looking at best part of 2k to get mine, but want to do this right.

Once again good luck Michael
P.s if you have the ve dizzy plug holla at me.

I am sure the Shagster is with me on the standalones, dare I say not.x:wub::santa:


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im surprised that GT Art has got a bad review. my mate took his R33 GTR there and they done loads of work
from what I can remember
JUN CAMs piston and rods, fully rebuilt engine. Austin Martin 4 pot or 6 pot caliper conversion. they mapped the car and got about 600odd bhp. sadly the engine died about a year later due to the oil pump.
my primera is currently at a new company thats based in rotherham called g+r performance. the guys that owns it is called gary and he seems to no is shit. he loves is jap crap as he owns a 700hp evo 8,and he has a lot to do with saxo due to him turbo,in them. his prices are very cheap for what he does.

ill let you guys no more when i get my car back.

ps: i will be sorting some rolling road days out will these when my car is done.


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Steve Sadler - FC Tuning

London based uses nistune and knows his shit :)

either £400 or £450 fitted and mapped on a dyno then road test with appropriate mapping, you are with him the whole time and he talks you through everything. If on the road test there is something you are not happy with he will endeavour to sort it :)

Spent most of saturday with him, watching him tune some other motas, and one of the Dutch P11 guys mota, and was impressed by his work.

How funny does this now sound given what know of FC Tuning lol
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