My N15 VZR

Would have rather the Pints out further but what has been done cant be un done :)

No real Plan sam, Just leave it sit there while i fuck around with something else
Thread Revival, I still have this weirdly.
Not sure how many will remember it or whos even still active that used to be.
Moved onto a dc5 but always kept the VZR with plans to get back at it, so with COVID throwing work in the near future in uncertain waters, i have taken a steo back from my supercharged dc5 nut and bolt build.

So decided to get the VZR Going again and hopefully get a track day in soon.

Picked up
New droplinks
Track Rods
CV Boots Inner and outer
Blueprint Rear Discs and Pads
Mtec Slotted Front discs
YellowStuff Pads
Genuine NIssan Water Pump
Exedy Clutch
Fidanza Flywheel Replacement friction plate
Short Shifter
Bride Rail
J performance Manifold
Powerland ECU
TPi Wheel Nuts
3 X greddy Gauges

And i already still have
Pitroad M bnnet
Tein Coilovers
Nismo Decat
Apexi n1 2.5" catback
2 X recaro Confetti
Enkei RPF1

The Shell Has Some rust on Both archs So ill get them touched up, dont think theyll require cutting, but ill let the mehanic update me when he starts fitting.
Has some stupid rust looking stains and bubbles on the black Area between the window and Doors so ill get that touched up in time.

Going t get it all fitted and get the Enkei RPF1 Refurbed in Silver or Black Shadow Chrome and wrap them in Nankang Ns2R.

Hopefully get a few track days in and then back into the shed and touch up paint over time

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