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Nissan Almera N16 Forum Links
YD22DDTi, QG18DE, QG15DE, 2.2, DCi, 1.8, 1.5, Petrol, Diesel, 2000-2006.

Buyers Guide
Things to look out for
Diesel specific in addition to above

Maintenance & Fixing
Full Service Manual (FSM) - alternate link FSM Another link to latest verion (ph2 2004+ included) FSM
Nissan Parts Catalogue (listing of part numbers and exploded diagrams) - http://nissan4u.com/parts/ - Alternate - https://nissan.epc-data.com/
DCi General Maintenance & Problems
Service Light/Reminder Reset
Diesel Common Problems and Troubleshooting
DCi Suction Control Valve (SCV)
DCi EGR Valve
DCi Oil (Engine / Gearbox)
How To: Heater stuck on
How To: Brake Care (also cosmetic)
How To: Remove and fit dampers and springs
How To: Bedding in Engine/Piston Rings Advice

Suspension & Handling
Bushing Upgrades
Rear Trailing Arm Bushes
TDMi Rigid Subframe Collars
Anti Bump Steer kit
Roll Center Correction Ball Joints
How To: Remove and fit dampers and springs

Pads, Discs and Braided Hoses
Nissan Maxima Twin-Pot front brake upgrade
Nissan 4 pot Caliper Upgrades / Bigger Brakes
Rear Brake Upgrade
How To: Brake Care (also cosmetic)

5 Stud Conversion

Engine Tuning

Diesel / YD
Petrol / QG

Advice and Recommendation thread; Custom is the only way
DCi Exhaust & http://www.almeraownersclub.com/threads/my-day-at-powerspeed.25507/

Engine Conversion
SR20DE - http://www.almeraownersclub.com/...... -(Lost in the big crash of April '12)
SR16VE - Member's ride thread.

Headlight Modifications
Depo OEM replacement lights

Body Kit
General Body Kit thread
MS Design Resource - Rare factory option kit.
Rear Diffuser / Apron
Shop - http://www.ms-automobile.at/
Shop - http://suspensionsupplies.us/cfb.asp?lg=en&vehg=14&veh=10014&cso=1&pg=products&searchby=almera
How To: Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter

OEM Stereo and aftermarket options (Phase 2 / Facelift)
Aftermarket Steering Wheel Cancellation
How to install aftermarket CD player headunit into phase 2 N16 (screen)
A33 Maxima leather shift knob upgrade
CD Stuck in Player

Airbag Reset

Member's Projects
Darren - SR20 Conversion and ICE
Liam - SR20 Conversion
Almersleeper - 1.8 Supercharger
edk - Tuned DCi
happyharry1 - SR16VE Conversion
Mad Maru
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Hello everyone i am new arround here and i apologise if i post in the wrong place. I am an n16 1.5 petrol owner and i have some serious problems lately. Can anyone provide a repair manual for this model ?n16 petrol engine 1.5 72 kw year 2006.
Highly appreciate
Best regards from Romania
Thanks alot for updating Edk, glad to know your still doing something Mera. :)

Just out of curiosity what did you update..?
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