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Nissan Almera N16 Forum Links
YD22DDTi, QG18DE, QG15DE, 2.2, DCi, 1.8, 1.5, Petrol, Diesel, 2000-2006.

Buyers Guide
Things to look out for
Diesel specific in addition to above

Maintenance & Fixing
Full Service Manual (FSM) - alternate link FSM Another link to latest verion (ph2 2004+ included) FSM
Nissan Parts Catalogue (listing of part numbers and exploded diagrams) - http://nissan4u.com/parts/ - Alternate - https://nissan.epc-data.com/
DCi General Maintenance & Problems
Service Light/Reminder Reset
Diesel Common Problems and Troubleshooting
DCi Suction Control Valve (SCV)
DCi EGR Valve
DCi Oil (Engine / Gearbox)
How To: Heater stuck on
How To: Brake Care (also cosmetic)
How To: Remove and fit dampers and springs
How To: Bedding in Engine/Piston Rings Advice

Suspension & Handling
Bushing Upgrades
Rear Trailing Arm Bushes
TDMi Rigid Subframe Collars
Anti Bump Steer kit
Roll Center Correction Ball Joints
How To: Remove and fit dampers and springs

Pads, Discs and Braided Hoses
Nissan Maxima Twin-Pot front brake upgrade
Nissan 4 pot Caliper Upgrades / Bigger Brakes
Rear Brake Upgrade
How To: Brake Care (also cosmetic)

5 Stud Conversion

Engine Tuning

Diesel / YD
Petrol / QG

Advice and Recommendation thread; Custom is the only way
DCi Exhaust & http://www.almeraownersclub.com/threads/my-day-at-powerspeed.25507/

Engine Conversion
SR20DE - http://www.almeraownersclub.com/...... -(Lost in the big crash of April '12)
SR16VE - Member's ride thread.

Headlight Modifications
Depo OEM replacement lights

Body Kit
General Body Kit thread
MS Design Resource - Rare factory option kit.
Rear Diffuser / Apron
Shop - http://www.ms-automobile.at/
Shop - http://suspensionsupplies.us/cfb.asp?lg=en&vehg=14&veh=10014&cso=1&pg=products&searchby=almera
How To: Seat Leon Cupra R front splitter

OEM Stereo and aftermarket options (Phase 2 / Facelift)
Aftermarket Steering Wheel Cancellation
How to install aftermarket CD player headunit into phase 2 N16 (screen)
A33 Maxima leather shift knob upgrade
CD Stuck in Player

Airbag Reset

Member's Projects
Darren - SR20 Conversion and ICE
Liam - SR20 Conversion
Almersleeper - 1.8 Supercharger
edk - Tuned DCi
happyharry1 - SR16VE Conversion
Mad Maru
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Hello everyone i am new arround here and i apologise if i post in the wrong place. I am an n16 1.5 petrol owner and i have some serious problems lately. Can anyone provide a repair manual for this model ?n16 petrol engine 1.5 72 kw year 2006.
Highly appreciate
Best regards from Romania
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