Nismosteve's GTi project.

This is what I'm talking about!

I love this

This is nice

And this
The guy that sold it to you, did he tell you it had done 140k+? I phoned him and told him and sent him a link to that thread I started and he amended his ad from 94k to 140k, but some of his later ads didn’t appear to mention the mileage. Anyway, it’s looking pretty swell after a wash, and looks to have no rust. Have you checked the arches on the inside? (taking out the carpet in the interior).
He never mentioned the mileage, but its on the MOT so I don't know why people do it. Its obviously been clocked (badly) as the digits don't line up and the odomitor doesn't work. The rust on the outside is worse than inside, it needs a drivers door. The areas prone to rusting are not really bad, and if I get on top of it now its will be okay.
I put a cheapo eBay clutch in to get me by but its garbage quality (get what you pay for) and had to open one of the cover bolt holes up slightly. But it drives okay and will last till I've got the other engine built.

I'm going to gather a nice pile of bits and get cracking with it!
There's a few bits I'd like from the for sale section but funds are unwilling for about 3 weeks:(
Its obviously been clocked (badly) as the digits don't line up and the odomitor doesn't work.

It is possible to replace the whole speedo assembly with the one from a PH2 GTi, but you have to be careful on the wiring, if you 're interested I can tell you the how-to.
I'll bear that in mind:) I'm going to strip it out and see what's wrong with it, I've had one to bits before on a s13 so will see what happens lol!
Okay its not going to be white, I'll be keeping it standard colour, just means I'll have to get somone to do the paint. Working away all week is a pain as I'm itching to get on with it, but I've still got 106 gtis cluttering the workspace up.
This isn't going to be a fast build but patience is a virtue.
A quick pic of the rear inner arches.
Near side just needs cleaning up before it starts

The off side didn't look too bad to start with, but after some serious pokeage it revealed this.
Which is still not too bad, I'll get this cut out and welded up.

Outside and under the rear wheel arches passed the screwdriver test, which is good as the outer archres are going to be cut out and new ones welded in.

I've a strange fault with the ABS, every now and then the abs light will come on, but nearly all the time when braking I can hear the pump working and sometimes it activates when I'm coming to a standstill.
I imagine its possibly a dirty sensor and I assume these have an ABS ecu like the 200sx?

The brake fluid is going to be renewed soon as god knows when that was last done.
There is an ABS diagnstic guide in the howto section.

I've had both front ones on one of my GTis crushed by corrosion in the hole where they are mounted.
Gives that sort of intermittant fault.
If that's what it is they need replaced.
Well today I've sorted the gearbox leak, replaced the diff seal and re topped up the gearbox oil, also secured the front bumper as the bolts underneath were missingleaving it all floppy:(

While I was down there i chucked a bit of black paint on the bumper intake as it was covered in blue overspray, noticed the car had a brand new starter motor on it:)
More jobs to do are to change the drive belts as they're not good. And I want to bin off all the air con stuff anyway so I'll need a short alt belt.
I also sorted the tow hook cover that refused to stay put.
More soon.
Popped to see Hally this morning to pick up some rear lights and some bolts to fit the rear strut brace I got from Elliot. Big thanks guys:)

Then, this afternoon I puulled out all the carpets in the boot area and removed the drivers side rear interior panel.
I went in with some stinky stuff acid that eats rust, and painted it on in all the bad areas.

Here's how the drivers side rear inner arch looks now.

And the further forward there is this (parts of the same panel)

And then while the interior panel was off I pointed the camer inside the rear quarter looking back towards the outside of the inner wheel arch if you get what I mean

And then looking down inside the rear of the sill

And finally a shot looking down the length of the sill.

The spare wheel well was also a bit manky

So I'll see what the rust goes like in a few days, and probably give it another soaking. I'm going to have to get heavy cutting the outer arches out, so I'll cut out the inner wheel arches before sorting out the inner boot panels.
This week I have mainly just been shopping:) I've bought some naughty bits;) collecting a drivers door, a working set of dash clocks, some lowered springs, P1 front splitter, and other bits from Spyke. A good drivers door card is on its way from Rick and some tasty bits fromm Liam.

Need to organise a quick spray job for the new door. So that's my weekend covered, then its back to the grindstone again away for another week at work:(
I'm afraid its the end of the road for this one. Its time for it to be laid to rest. It will be broken in the next two weeks. So look out for my new project thread.
Nismosteve's RED GTi !
Okay, so I know I said it was the end of the road for this, and it is.

But.......not the end of its life!

Me and my nephew have decided that we're just going to strip it to within an inch of its life, weld up the nasty bits and make it a pure track slag! We have no idea which way it will go or evolve. Doesn't matter if it takes ages, but I'd just be too weary putting my nice red gti on the track.

It may not be the nicest looking P1 gti, but its not for show, just for fun!
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