Rom s N15

Wow! How did the floor get so bad? Water damage from not having rubber carpets during winter?

Be sure to check the rear shock towers. Mine has started rusting from underneath the seam sealer.
Shock towers is OK ! Our Highways is too much salt in wintertime. Under the Pitch-mat was air bubble , and humidity! (Pitch-mat: pitumen cover) I don't know,is that correct word?!
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I Forgot ,, Last week i remove and install the alternator , because the voltage jump up and down. The reasson was Diode block

Today i finish finally mi remote control in the flap key
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Today i finisht finally mi remote control in the flappkey
Always nice to hear these cars are still being worked on, they are rapidly decreasing in numbers over here in Finland... A year or two ago there was easily 40-50 sedans with the GA16DE for sale country-wide, now the number is less than 20.
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