Sweet N16: QG18DE --> SR20DET --> SR20VET

To be honest, for me sporty seats and leather don't go on the same way ;)

That's quite what i think also, it's also the reason why i cannot really choose between the two, the leather would make it more luxury (not the equipment level) while sport seats would actually be practical, don't know yet what way i shall take my N16 to, first things first as they say.
Till now car stays with me ;)
In beginning of June I was again at Poznan Circuit to fight with yourself and beat my latest lap time (2.04).
In the morning weather was not bad I make 2 session, after that start to rain :( I was keeping my thumbs to stop :p After 2 more session stop raining and I pull out for another. In second lap I put 1:59 and in another session 1:55 :D So I did what is my plan - to break 2:00 in almera on this track :p I think better lap time is reachable but balls of steel are major requirement :D

One failure only cross my plans after. On last lap I saw that I lost electric charging. I pull over to the PIT. Quick look under the hood and problem was recognized. Gasket between turbocharger and manifold crack and all heat and exhaust gases goes on alternator and fried it up :( It was late and I need to think fast. I have 300km to home and I plan go back on my wheels. Im glad that I have some friends in Poznan and let me knew where is the nearest junkyard :p Any partshop doesnt have propper alternator on shelf (fuck). So I get almera on the road without charging on the way to mentioned junkyard ;) Good to have Optima baterrie :p
The changing was 2 hour job :p And all goes ok - I love my tools and that I took them with me :D After all everything was ok :) but... 200km after, situation get the same. Last 120km Im done on baterrie alone running on underpressure :) Luckily I get home with just 10,6V in installation. So that's the story :)

Since now all parts required for repair are in my hand (including brand new oem alternator from UK), just time is matter ;)
Ok, so time for small update ;)

Setup change a little:
- stock GTI-R ex manifold porting and fabrication
- external WG TIAL MV-S 38mm
- GTX2867 turbocharger (boost set on 1,5-1,6b)
- cooling plate with ducts for brakes



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So my journey with Almera get till end. Car get sold ;) In the end I made some dyno :)



Bye bye Almera and keep going in hands of new owner :)
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