1. S

    Tino 2.2 diesel hot starting fault!

    Hi can any members help with my problem please.. I have hot starting trouble, the car cranks but wont start, then wont crank (no click either, after about 40-60 sec of cranking). Car wont jump start . Then after about 5-10 minuits the car starts fine? it has happend 4x now. I fitted a brand new...
  2. Helloiamlucy

    Nissan Almera SE 2.2 dci

    Hi all - new member here! My name is Lucy and I have an 04 SE 2.2 dci Almera. At the moment it’s on a SORN because it won’t pass a test - there is a grinding noise being made under the car but I’m not 100% sure what it is and the clutch is on its way out as well as a crack along my windscreen...
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