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maybe a silly question, bu. does it hurt anything? i have a function in my current engine management to do this. never tried it but...
Not at all, I wouldn't recommend it on the road, but for drag racing its definitely worth it. You can hear the engine revs momentarily hit the limiter as i change gear.

As long as you have a rev limiter and don't mis-shift, it can't do any harm to manually flatshift like this. I suppose it's quite harsh on the clutch, but nothing drastic.

Not familiar with Ecu controlled flat shifting, but I imagine that will allow you to control the RPM the engine goes to when you dip the clutch to change gear??

The Launch control feature on Nismotronic is pretty handy too.


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Managed to get a few things done lately, here's a couple of shots from the last week:

MOCAL Laminova Oil Cooler Installed

Pretty neat item, oil is cooled by the engine coolant. I've modified the existing coolant pipe to accept the cooler unit.

Random Engine Bay Shot

Pulsar GTiR Radiator Install

My original radiator was looking a bit shabby, and i wanted to make sure the coolant system was up to the task of supporting the new oil cooler. This is a slight upgrade from the stock Autech radiator, this Nissens one is 27mm core VS 25mm.
You have nice intake mani :) Where in your topic I can found ino about that? search option doesn't help in this case :/

About the weight, you have very nice progress indeed. I was to check how it looks like on N16 and my weight is about 1200kg (removed AC), but for N15 Gti stock with swpaed VE was weight the same. ABS pump doesn't weight so much to remove it during weight reduction. About the interior I don't see either any drastic gains.

That cooler is not bad. Similar water-oil exchanger can be found in older SR20 (P10, N14Gti) but without laminova core. In some cases (circuit racing), this type of cooler starts to taking up water temp. In high condition oil gets 120-130 deg C and oil start to raise coolant temp.
second thing that oil can be cool down to only temp of coolant. I would rather go to typical air cooled oil radiator with thermostat.
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The laminova cooler is more effective than an OE type donut style cooler.

Time for another update with whats new:-

-Mintex M1155 Racing Front Brake Pads installed
-DOT 5.1 Brake Fluid
-Corbeau Bucket Seats
-JWT Stage 3 Pressure Plate and B15 Friction Disc
SR16VE Flywheel (Lighter than SR20DE Flywheel)
-Mfactory Helical LSD (to go with my 5.1FD)
-Hardrace Roll Centre Correction Kit (Extended Front Ball Joints)
-Bump Steer Correction with relocated Rose Jointed Steering Arms

Working towards getting the car more track orientated as it doesn't get driven that often on the road anymore. Here's some pics i took along the way.

DSC_0827.JPG DSC_0824.JPG DSC_0746.JPG DSC_0850.JPG DSC_0855.JPG DSC_0875.JPG DSC_0919.JPG DSC_0915.JPG DSC_0686.JPG
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Long overdue updates!

A few more recent pictures of the cars progress:

I have a couple of wheel/tyre options at the moment, but here it is sitting on 17" CE28 Reps with Federal RSR 215/40's all round.


300mm Front Disc Conversion using custom made caliper brackets, and also a simple brake ducting install, welded to cut away dust shields.

This setup is awesome, so much more braking power by just upgrading the disc size.



Flocked Dash and Suede OMP wheel


Did a day at Donington earlier this year, that was fun. Looking forward to doing a few more and getting more confident with the car.

I'm sure there's more stuff i've missed, so i'll add them as i remember and locate images.
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Duct looks good, and catching up on your posts i like the mocal cooler.


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Some other modifications carried out / installed.

Superpro Lower Control Arm RR Bushings (+1 deg castor)


Strut Tower redrilled to allow for more castor (+1 deg castor)

R888 are fantastic tyres! I struggle to even break traction with the turbo. Some amount of road noise through them though

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So following a few other people that have done this, I decided to have a go at moving the ball on the gear stick, to give shorter throw on gear changes.

Here you can see the balls original position where the grooves are on the shaft.

Then it was installed along with a height adjustable gear knob, I set this somewhat higher than the original position, this gave the best feel for me, while still retaining a shorter throw. Go too long on the height and the throw will end up longer and make gearchanges worse.

While it might not be the prettiest gearknob, Having that adjustment really helped dial in the perfect position for me.

These pictures help give an idea on what the gear throw is like.

1st Gear




4th gear



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Went to Castle Combe for the first time a few days ago with Liam, we managed to get a bit of video on track together.

The first video is just me doing some progressively faster laps, with my best lap at the end (1m22.4)

Second video is me following Liam In his caged GTi and chasing a black EP3 and white DC2 for 5+laps. Despite continually getting delayed by some slower cars, the hondas didn't get away. After all it is a track day and not a race, so some constraint is required when traffic is around.
By the time I'd caught up though the DC2 had slowed for a cool down. Damn!
Made for some good fun none the less.

The car performed great all day and also happy with the new camera mount view. Enjoy!

Looks good! Its nice to see a totally different style of track. Combe looks nice and flat compared to the huge declines and inclines of knockhill!

What kind of top speeds were you seeing?

What kind of camera mounting are you using? I had my gopro mounted to the back left window and the vibrations through the car made all footage rubbish and full of white noise

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It was great fun, I dont think video does the speed much justice.
Here is some lap data, my highest speed was 115mph down the main straight. The data is also gives an average lap speed which works out as 81mph across the whole lap.

My camera is just a cheap Chinese thing, which I've modified the suction mount in order to bolt it to the B pillar trim. It does the job pretty well.
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