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Well no one showed interest in the Forge Tank so i've decided to keep it. I gave it to Swan Plating http://www.swanplating.co.uk and asked him to work his magic. I didnt really like the original alloy look and felt it clashed with my stainless, chrome and gold bits especially with the nasty seam welds etc, but check this out now!...


note: the lack of weld lines and the 24ct gold cap cover :cool:
Inlet plenum still needs to be cleaned up a wee bit more and I need to re-do the rocker cover after blasting paint off it with the pressure washer. OOOPS!

Gonna paint the battery holder too...yellow.



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that is a monster intake pipe ian, how did you remove the aircon pipes that come through the bulkhead?

aircon less
heres my latest additions, with thanks to AlmeraGTi :) i need to do away with the pipe from MAF to throttle body, does anyone know anywhere that sells shiny replacements?



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Dead pleased with this :). Newly painted satin black around the engine bay/strut tops. Gloss black rocker cover and orange 'NISSAN' next.

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