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OMG you're right. GO out there and clean it now. It's a DISGRACE!

well joey, we know you want some UKDM in your life, ive got the perfect solution. ill drive over to you, on a slow boat, this will be NO inconvenience to you whatsoever, you can have my gti, which is a lovely example, one careful owner, low miles, mint shell, and ill bring yours back to the uk to use as a 'runabout' (cough) while you get copies made up of whatever you want. deal? send me your details via pm and ill see you in 6 weeks.
'course not mate. i clean my car every day, hence not entering this thread as it would be unfair on other members.


Dan Schlinder

This is the most recent pic of my engine bay that I have...

What does everyone use to make it nice and clean? And how do you do it? I just need a few tips on what to use and what not too...

Also, I notice a lot of people use breather filters, are there any benefits to having this instead of the pipe?

Ive got a dremel multi tool, so i thought i could start with that and get into all the tight areas of the engine block.

Ive heard that people use pressure washers too?... that just seems silly...


A well aimed pressure washer is difficult to beat in an engine bay. Just don't go mental and know where not to point it!

Items used to clean my engine bay...

AutoGlym Engine + Machine Cleaner, Turtlewax bug+tar remover, paint brush, nail brush, pressure washer, a plastic bag (to put the airfilter in while pressure washing :D) autosol metal polish, Meguiars all season dressing.

It's still crap compared to most on here! :(


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any degreaser will do the trick with lots of brushed and rags/cloths, never work on the engine when its hot/warm the degreaser will dry an leave stains.

I wouldnt use a pressure washer unless you can very the pressures, use tin foil to cover any exposed electricals/air filter/ anywhere you dont want water, and a hose pipe with a spray attachment from a distance and aiming down so as not to force water in anywhere, rinse only aslong as you need too..

Autoglym Vinyl and rubber care is all you need once you have cleaned the engine bay spray it EVERYWHERE liberally shut the bonnet and start the engine let it idle for about 10/15 mins open bonnet and booyah wipe away any excess and your good.... trust me ;)
last time i cleaned mine i left the engine running, sprayed degreaser all over, left it a couple of minutes then jet washed it all off, no electrical problems, radiator was steaming away for atleast an hour though :D
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