N16 Pulsar Sedan front grill


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This was being talked about in the 'badges' thread.

seperate item.

Good idea, I'll try shopping that. Different bumper though.

Here's an update. Found the grill on an oz site:

and here's a chop of what I'm after:

looks like a mission to do on the N16 as they got the center bit and the bonnet is different

the photo chop looks nice :)
not to steal anyones scene but you guys looking for something like this :confused:

this is made from high quality ABS plastic with flat black finish which can be repainted.

That's the one. Do you have a price on this? Havnt found one yet but I'll email XRacing and see how they sell it for.
Sorry guys, but that black N16 looks just like a Lexus IS 200 (Toyota Altezza)!

Not good in my opinion. :( :O :eek:
Meh, I'll not be having that bumper anyway :) What do you reckon of the chop though? I think that grille needs the nissan badge in the middle and makes a positive difference.
i agree. the badge looks good in the middle.

to be honest, i actually like the stock ph2 bar, with that look. which bar were you thinking of using?
Well I'm hoping to use the stock bumper, and will cut out the center part of the kidney grille. The new grille should mount onto the same points that the existing one is mounted to.
I do think your chop with the badge is good, it`s just the angle of the black car pic.

I actually thought it was a Lexus when I first saw it & though WTF?, then realised they were actually P2 headlights! :O

Deffo get it done (not too sure about the black Rotas though :O ), & you should be able to get a cheapo Sentra bonnet from one of Pauls american links (can`t remember which one now), so you don`t have to mess around with the tin-snips. ;)

If I still had the N16, this would deffo be on the `will be done` list. :cool:
lol, hopefully a reality asap.

Almera Guy, they're gunmetal wheels, but I was also thinking about bronze rota's? I like gunmetal with a polished lip but I think they stand out too much for an Almera. Maybe when I've got an S14, or R34 ;) :D
i think i'm going to have to put this on my to do list aswell.

can source a bonnet for $150aud, and the grill, shouldnt be too expensive.

me personally, i've decided to go with white buddy clubs for my cars shoes.
Heh have I started a trend perchance? :rolleyes:

Hey Extreme any chance where you're getting those from, you could get me a quote for sending them to the UK? Or to save you the trouble actually, can you recommend somewhere for me to contact to buy those things please?
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