1. S

    Tino 2.2 diesel hot starting fault!

    Hi can any members help with my problem please.. I have hot starting trouble, the car cranks but wont start, then wont crank (no click either, after about 40-60 sec of cranking). Car wont jump start . Then after about 5-10 minuits the car starts fine? it has happend 4x now. I fitted a brand new...
  2. R

    Tino 1.8se auto - no gear display on dash

    Hi peeps. Just joined after purchasing a Tino as a daily hack for family things. Don't know if I'm being incredibly thick but there doesn't seem to be any visual gear display on the dashboard. I have owned several auto's over the years and have never yet seen one that had no visual reminder on...
  3. P

    I can't find my crankshaft position sensor

    I have a 2002 Almera Tino 1.7 16v and I need to replace my crankshaft position sensor but can't locate it. Can anyone help.
  4. R

    Almera Tino - air flow control not working

    My fan works, but the air flow control does not work and is stuck on vents. As a result there is no air rushing to the windscreen which causes it to be misty. How can I fix this? It’s a 2002 model.
  5. V

    Radio help needed

    My wife has just got a Tino and they dealer seemed clueless said the code was in the book well no code plus it says in green and bold secure everything else works can not put a after market unit in as aircon is part of it will nissan still sort ? is there a way round this now and will it happen...
  6. Jamieoleeson

    Nissan Almera Tino Radio problems

    I have a Nissan Almera Tino that has a radio that doesn't work very often. You hear a sort of deep click as though it has come on and then the control panel lights up and you can then switch the radio or CD on and all is fine. Then another day you will go back to the car and all you get is green...
  7. J

    Imobilizer issues

    Hi, My name is Jayne, I live in Spain and I have have a nissan Almera Tino which seems to have a mind of it's own. According to the garage it seems to have forgotten that key a supposed is to start the car, in fact it is more the car thinks that the key code is incorrect and the imobilizer...
  8. B

    Almera Tino 2.2DCi 54 plate. Front Suspension Clunk

    As title states, i'm up and down really rough roads. In Scotland, you drive on what's left of main roads. Recently i'm noticing a metallic "clunk" from both sides when hitting bumps. Only done 61000. Any ideas? thanks On another note, got an advisory on MOT that O/S Lower Balljoint has slight...
  9. D

    Won't start, any help much appreciated - electrical fuel?

    Hi, I am hoping that maybe someone out there may be able to help shed some light on the problem stopping our 2001 Tino from starting. It is petrol manual 1.8L. The full story... A few weeks back it would not start. Had crankshaft sensor changed, it started and run a couple of weeks until the...
  10. T

    Indicator/hazards fuse location anyone? Almera Tino 2004

    Hello everyone, I successfully did some fixes on my car today but after taking the back lamp unit off and successfully fixing a problem with the door opening mechansim, but have now lost all indicators, hazards, flashing on central locking and the clicking sound of the indicators. I dont think...
  11. Q

    Got a problem with reverse gear

    Hi Everyone, I recently bought an Almera Tino SE+ 1.8L from the year 2001. Its a manual and i have problem with the reverse gear. When i try to put the car into the reverse gear its not allowing me to put it. I can easily put the car into any of the forward gears, smoothly and with no...
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