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That's so crazy it almost looks photo shopped !

Excellent work ! :corbs:
Towbar fitted to the car saturday and first test drive of the car-b-q :)

All the lights worked, tow hitch was fine, welds on the draw bar look fine after about 10miles of hard/fast driving, had it up to 90mph and it was ok (a little bit bouncy) and it got many many confused looks!

Only down side is its very noisy and the tracking desperately needs sorting. Ill be welding some spanners onto the track rods tomorrow to see if ill be able to budge em that way!
Well ive got some stilsons today, so imm try and sort the tracking, finally. If that doesnt work ill just have to bring spare wheels and keep changing em!
Reet, been out today and nearly got beaten by the bloody track rod again! In the end i got the grinder out and ground 2 flat spots on the rod so the stilsons would grip it. Once that was done i managed (just about, the nut was fucking tight!) to wind the nut out and adjust as needed. I then put on my ghetto tracking system....


...and took it for a drive...


...on this drive I travelled about 35-40 miles and all seems fine :) My ghetto tracking system told me the tracking was good enough and the welds seemed more than happy to stay attached to the subframe :yes: I did a few high speed runs and all ill say is 3 figures is sketchy as fuck! 70mph all the way to JAE :lol:

Just need to brace the bottom of the bumper to the chassis as it flexes quite a bit at speed. But besides that everything is ready to go!

you are one crazy fucka liam :lol:

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oh and i thought trailer limit speed and a dual was 60 mph :lol:
Very well played Liam, truely epic..

In fact, i'd go so far to say that you are an asset to this club.

(Still think it needs painting though!)
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Yeah it does need painting. Once ive got some spare cash ill sheet over the back to tidy it up, de-rust the arches and spray it all up. Will probably go matt black just for ease. Then we can play 0s & Xs at meets :)
Reet, anyone got any ideas on how to re-attach the draw bar? Seems the subframe isnt strong enough to take it.
This is brilliant. I've seen a few of these and wanted to make one for ages. Can't find an Almera cheap enough though.
Really good work!
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