Dyno Comparison Thread


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My apexi has shown peak revs of 8400 limit is 8200.

Had Max revs in the autech at 7650.

The stock tacho is way out, this is 8500 via the Link ECU.

Wondering if anything above 6950 is pure momentum. If it were to hit the limiter slowly I bet it stops at 6950
How much momentum would you get on a rolling road with a lightened flywheel?

Only the mass of the rollers and wheels and the flywheel would be fighting the engine breaking due to fuel cut.

4-2-1 Branch
50 - 57 mm Powerflow exhaust
Walbro 255lph

89.1Kw & 153Nm

Is this on par with what I am suppose to get for a QG18 ?
Torque seems like it's a bit too low ...
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