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Well its a sad day for the Almera community, but my car lives on in many other great Almera's, so its not all bad news.
I'll be at shakies, and any other track days that are organised, hoping to experience various parts of my car in action.

I'll get back into track days etc, in the not so distant future. Who fancies a n/a DE with ITBs powering a Caterham?

R.I.P Trackmera.

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Lovely clean shell off to the crusher...

...shame on you Shaggy.

Can't wait to see what's coming next Rowdy, a little Caterfield with a screaming DE/VE will be lovely.
Such a shame, never went it it because I thought it would always be here.

At least it will live on in others cars and it's not just been destroyed outright
Shame you didn't sell it as a whole like last time, guess method in the madness won't be able to buy it back. Almera N15 project come to an end, but invaluable experience gained for the next!

Did you remove the rear beam btw that you had bent?
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Finally got the Mocal oil cooler and stock water pump sorted!

Pretty easy, just a litle fiddly doing the cooler. Its a full mocal set-up, sandwich plate, cooler and piping. No stat` as i thought i only drive the car hard, and if i happen to venture out on a cooler day i will just cover it up.



Not an intercooler...........haha


Fitted a stock water pump with a huge GSpec pulley, and GTi-R rad. No tensioner, just a 3pk650 belt slipped on, which is holding tension well. Cooling seems great, just a constant 70-75*C, where the Meziere and no stat over-cooled sometimes.

Do you have the part number for the pulley from g spec and belt part number? I need the same set up.

Sorry the belt number was already in the post.
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