N16 - P2 Headlights


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Works so well with the black bumpstrips and splitter too. Win :thumb:
elkingboy can you post which color wires you connected to which? also do the beam adjusters and indicator wires need different connectors too? or are the they same? lastly where did you end up getting the connectors? as i need 1 more :/

thanks in advance for the info!
Oops sorry mate was a bit late when i posted i thought you were talking abount an N15 not N16 i dont know anything about them lol sorry bud speak to EDK he might be of some help to ya

Sorry for the delay on finishing the write-up on this. Had a lot on. I'll get it done along with some photo's over the weekend as the HID's are going back in after the MOT anyway. Patience people :yawn:
cool thanks, can you let me know where you sourced the connectors as i need 1 more and nissan want me to buy the whole engine bay loom section. Also do the indicators and beam adjusters fit with no mods? Sorry to be a pest with this but my lights are due saturday or monday and i just want to be prepared :shades:
I didn't use the connectors mate. I used spade crimps straight on to the back of the lights :cowboy:. Also, my lights were made by Depo and don't have electronic light adjustment. Indicators need new bulb holders but I just modified mine to fit :cowboy:. Anyhoo, will get some wiring info up soonest...
Ok just to update for anyone else who goes on to try this that if you use genuine nissan N16 ph2 headlights you will need to take all three connectors off the donor car for both lights (main connector, indicator and beam adjuster) as none are compatable in any way with the N16 ph1 connectors, even with a bit of cowboyism lol. once i get the connectors picked up this comming week i'll put up the required info on wiring everything up correctly :shades:
ok the wiring is very straight forward for the lights, on my 2001 N16 the wiring goes like this,
           offside 3 pin main connector                        nearside 3 pin main connector
Full Beam Pos     Shared Neg      Main Beam Pos  |    Full Beam Pos     Shared Neg       Main Beam Pos
yellow&silver     black&silver    purple&silver  |    red&yellow        black&silver     red&black
the sidelights should be pretty self explanatory but just incase
offside sidelight 2 pin connector    |     nearside sidelight 2 pin connector
pos            neg                   |              pos            neg
red&silver     black                 |              red&brown      black
i'll finish up this tomorrow as it started raining so i abandoned the multimeter and came inside lol

hopefully this will be of some help for anyone who follows :shades:
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