N16 - P2 Headlights

ok i did some more on the swap wiring tonight, as it was raining i fired up my old power supply and had at the PH2 lights to work out their connections, these are very easy also but i'll put the info up anyway. the main 5 pin connector is the most important and nissan have kindly numbered the wires in the connector to make things easy for us so you don't really need to worry about the wire colours (though i will add them just for posterity) just go with the numbers

               Offside Main Connector        |            Nearside Main Connector
Pin 1 = Shared negative - Black&Silver       |       Pin 1 = Shared Negative - Black&Silver
Pin 2 = Full Beam Positive - Yellow&silver   |       Pin 2 = Full Beam Positive - Red&Black
Pin 3 = Empty                                |       Pin 3 = Empty
Pin 4 = Main Beam Positive - Purple&silver   |       Pin 4 = Main Beam Positive - Red&Yellow+Silver
Pin 5 = Sidelight Positive - Red&Green       |       Pin 5 = Sidelight Positive - Red&Green
one thing to note is that on the nearside headlamp the number one pin is at the top side of the light and on the offside it's at the bottom. next up is the indicators, again they arevery straight forward

       offside indicator        |       nearside indicator
pos                neg          |  pos                      neg
yellow&green       black&silver |  green&black&silver       red&black&silver
finally there is the beam adjust wiring 3 pin plug, on both of these plugs the centre wire is the command wire which gives the position and the other two are positive and negative,

      offside beam adjust            |        nearside beam adjust
pos             command      neg     |      pos          command     neg
red&green       purple       black   |      red&green    purple      black&red
now i'll add more updates on the car wiring for the indicators and beam adjusters as and when time/weather permits and when it's all done i'll either finish the existing howto thread off or thow up a new one so all the info is in one place :shades:
Good work mate. The wiring details I have would've been no use whatsoever though. My light are made by Drop and the pin numbers are different. Also, mine don't have electronic beam adjustment. Your wiring is much better. Not too hard with a multimeter though eh? Cheers for the info dude, hopefully it'll help anyone else who wants to do this.
yeah your right, but as you said it was easy enough to work out, i was just being lazy and hoping for someone else who had done it to post up the info lol but anyway i'll get it finished when the weather permits :)
well after all that bloody work with the multimeter and reading the wiring diagrams working out the wiring it turns out that all of the wiring colours matched up perfectly lol

nearside wiring

offside wiring

so if anyone wants to do this for themselves don't worry about working out the wiring beforehand as it's very straight forward, the only thing to crop up as a problem is that the headlight beam adjust now works in reverse, i will look into correcting this and i'll post back the solution when i find it but it's not too much of a worry imho
Nicely done mate. As I said, mine don't have beam adjust but at least they work. I think my problems were caused by not using genuine Nissan units.
thanks mate, yeah and that could be the source of your probs bud, but at least they look exactly like the nissan units so who cares :shades: and beam adjust is an extravagance for when you have fat birds in the back and you don't want to blind those driving towards you, but tbh if you have fat birds in the back you want to dazzle those driving towards you incase they know you and give you it tight for getting it on with fat birds lol.

as for the beam adjust it's very simple to get it working properly, you can either swap the positive and negative wires at the beam adjust connectors while your doing the soldering, or you can just swap the positive and negative wires round at the beam adjust switch inside the car(red&green and black wires) just pop them out the connector and put the back in the opposite place, this is what i did and it took less than 2 mins and works perfectly :)

so all the info you need to do the swap is in this thread your reading and this thread here >> http://www.almeraownersclub.com/threads/showthread.php?t=19316
hi happyharry i heard the beam adjuster plug is the same in p1 as p2 only got some plugs sent but only recieved lights plug and indicator plug, just making sure got everything together before changing the lights over cheers
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