N16 SR20DE

Looking good liam. Loving the rear spoiler. This thing is going to be a beast. The exterior looks great.
Im not blaming you freddo. But i do NEED that wheel nut key :lol:

Spook, its the most expensive spoiler ive ever bought!
liam we will have a QG18 block for spares if you need any internals *cough*cams and buckets *coughcough*

Good idea that Ross. May be worth taking the whole head and getting it p+p'd then you can fit the whole lot in one go. See if the QG is going to be worth the effort!
Yes ill have head, not from you tho. No offence but you're not my type!

How much you wanting for the complete cylinder head dude? And yeah details please bitch :wub:
Cheers matey! Ive been looking at clutch/flywheel ect but this year funds just wont allow :( nevermind theres always next year!
Engine, gearbox, underbrace, shafts, ecu, nats box and key chips.

Pretty much the same as an N15 engine swap really.
Ive already taken the front fogs, light stalk, electric mirrors and mirror switch from the sport+ ready to swap onto the Twister and today I went to get an OEM oil filter, sump plug washer, exhaust gaskets, powersteering fluid, coolant, brake fluid and split pins to go with the Millers CFS 5w40 & NGK plugs that came yesterday and the braided lines from the last N16! Got all the stuff for the engine swap now, just need the wheel nut key from Freddo so i can actually get the wheels off :)

Im going to start taking the engine, box/shafts, fronts hubs/brakes, catback, ecu and nats box out of the sport+ this weekend ready for the swap possibly next weekend :)
Not that hard at all - they're both 'Nissan family' engines. It's only really the difference between Phase 1 & 2's that gets a bit complicated (especially the wiring). Do it Paul ! :)

I will be when money is available but You miss understood is it possible to turn a 1.5 into a 1.8 as in convert the engine to it and whats needed
unlike the sr16 and sr20 which use the same size pistons only a different length stroke the qg15 and qg18 have different size pistons iirc so it would be major work to take it out to 1800cc, thats presuming they use the same block?

yeah as i thought the qg15 has a 76mm bore and an 88mm stroke, where as the qg18 has an 80mm bore and an 88mm stroke, but looks like they use the same block and crank so all you would need is to bore the qg15 block out for 80mm pistons and buy a set of qg18 pistons and rings ;)
That I'm not so sure sure about mate . . . . probably a lot less hassle to just buy a 1.8 of the same phase era. Obviously you'd need the 1.8 gearbox as well - given the 1.5's reputation for letting go.
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