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Id love to find a whole car cheap like liam here lol, but wont happen. sorry for stealing you thread liam.

Yeah Liam got seriously lucky with it :). I'm glad they dont always come up like that though else I'd never sell the parts from my old mera for what they're worth :lol:
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Paul, just keep checking mate. Ive seen ph2 1.8SEs go for sub £500 as salvage. You just have to be persistant!

Well, today i started to take out the Sport+ engine. All thats left todo is unbolts the gear linkage, exhaust and hubs, then unbolt the mounts and its good to drop :) Should be sat on the pallet by about 3pm tomorrow (working til 1;30pm :lol:). I actually think its easier to remove one of these than an N15 engine.

I did notice that the Sport+ doesnt have a speedo pinion in the gearbox, so it must get the speed from the ABS system, but there is a plug on the loom for one. The Twister however does have a speedo pinion, so i wonder if itll work if i put the pinion in the '18 box and plug it in? Hmmm...
Well a few pics of the engine removal from the Sport+...




Brakes ready to be cleaned/painted. Its got virtually brand new discs and pads too! Bonus!

Service goodies to make it run nooice!!
I wouldnt go near that one if it was the only Sport+ left in the world, purely because of the knobhead seller!
:biggrin: I love it! Just need that lathe gone (been waiting for months for the landlord to shift it) and there will be loads more useable space!
Cheers :)

Yeah it'll be in and running way before then! Gonna try and book 2 days off work next week and get it all fitted. Got a new lower cross member to weld in aswell, as its rotten to shit!
That all looks very familiar that process. ;) Cracking work mate. Ring the landlord up and tell him you're going to flog rhe lathe for scrap and I'm sure he'll get his arse into gear. You can scrap my old GA if you haven't already btw. Few more pennies for the project or at least a bag of crisps!
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