Ross Autech

Been a long day but I've now got my new car on the driveway.

I'd thought about a civic, a diesel, a starlet before settling on anothe N15. import JDM tyte this time.

enough shit. here car :

Nissan Pulsar Autech GTi
170bhp factory power
Factory uprated cams
11.5:1 compression ratio
Notched pistons
Factory Remap
Fidanza lightened fly
SSAC header, heat wrapped
2.25" catback
KYB shocks and stock springs
Whiteline Rear ARB

you know the dealy lads! JDM YO


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need to get all ours together.

Full kit P1 front
Full kit P2 front
Full kit
its an primera starter tho man so it is longer than standard gti one just if u ever have to change it
Cheers for that willie. I was round about 7pm Friday night, had been up about 26hrs so I just took it off and left, sorry I never said hello! I measured it up and the dimensions of the section that sits inside the gearbox is exactly the same as the starter that came on the autech.

Glad you're enjoying the car Ross, any problems give me a shout as I had it running perfect most of the time
OK! started the "restoration" today

done today :

Removed the "P" on the grille
fitted new drivers wing
undersealed chassis leg behind
fitted new wiper blades
moved the DEFI control box into a place out of the way of my knee
Moved the temp sensor for the display
removed the power folding mirror for repair
fitted folding mirror switch
replaced mirror covers
replaced drivers door hinges
adjusted drivers door to stop contact with sill
fitted my HU
replaced battery with the one from the GX as the autech one gave out
fitted a silver petrol flap
fitted p2 steering wheel so i can fit my legs in

drove it. hard. LSD is win.
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