Sams VZ-R N1


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Current Spec


JWT 9lb Flywheel
GSpec Stage 3 Clutch
New OEM Thermostat
New OEM Rotor Arm/Distributor Cap
OEM N1 Chain Tensioner
2 Piece Engine Mounted Drive Shaft
Custom 4-1 Manifold
Custom Solid Fabrications 2.5" Catback
Aluminium 3" Core Radiator
Catch Can Breather Setup
DaleSpec 3.5" Intake Pipe
Blitz Sonic Power Filter
Hot Wire HT Leads
A/C Removed
Odessey Battery Wing Mounted
Fuseboxes Relocated

FRP Bonnet

Custom Subframe Locating Collars
OEM Track Rod Ends
Steering Rack (Poly Bushed)
OEM Drop Links (Poly Bushed)
Powder Coated Front ARB (Poly Bushed)
OEM Wishbones (Poly Bushed)
4x Poly Engine Mounts
Meister-R Zeta Coilovers 7/5
Powder Coated Cusco Top Strut Brace
Custom Rear Strut Top Brace
Custom Lower 2 Point Subframe Brace
Rear Trailing Arm (Poly Bushed)
Powder Coated Whiteline Rear Anti Roll Bar with Custom End Links
Rear Dog Bone Beam Mount Thing
H&R 15mm Spacers and Extended Studs

Personal Neo Grinta 330mm Wheel
HKB Boss Kit
NRG Rev.3 Snap Off Boss Kit
Flocked Dash
Custom Extended Gear Shifter
Recaro Seats on Custom Rails
Omori Gauges
Sound Deadening Removed
Apexi RSM Black
Broadway 280mm Rear View Mirror

Wilwood Midilite Front Callipers
Ferodo DS2500 Pads
Yellowstuff Rear Pads
Custom HEL Braided Lines
Non ABS Converted
15x7" Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 & Federal RSR
16x7" Modex KS-05R & Yokohama Parada Spec 2's
15x6.5" Enkei Tarmac ES & Hankook RS2's


So yeah, its getting to the point where its on the road now, only got the registration process to wait for.

It flew through its MOT yesterday only things to note were the brake discs are a bit scabby and the drop link bushes are perished. I have item to replace these in the garage anyway.

Its hands down the cleanest N15 shell I have seen, all the bolts still have the factory zinc plating on them, all the plastics are intact as are the clips, the downpipe is a little scabby on the heatshields but the exhaust is still gold and shiney.

Its been very well looked after, has new oil, new oil filter, new pollen filters, new belts, new coolant and a new rad cap which are all Pitwork items :)




Its completely stock, had some Ultra Wire HT leads on it but they are now on the Autech, and an aftermarket panel filter which fell apart when I removed it, its on some unknown lowering springs too, but the ride is very compliant.

Its a lightweight model with windy windows, no central locking, no sunroof etc

its fucking filthy everywhere so I will be getting my teeth into it and getting it to where I want it :)



it begins..... again
nice one mate...assume you gonna get it all nicely undersealed soon as...thats the main thing I regret not doing straight away on mine, its still pretty clean, so gotta be done soon..

looking forward to seeing you put your own touch on it.
It looks very clean Sam I can see this having some serious potential. Are you going to keep it as an understated lightweight street sleeper and tune the N1 engine or kit it up like the Autech?
Im on the hunt for a wing, I do have another pulsar boot lid with a GTi wing on and I have a set of skirts though I am undecided whether to fit them or not, I am a huge fan of the un-kitted look.

Its not been driven on a wet road yet so its still in a good state having not been exposed to too much, Im going to take alot more car with this one, I will be stripping everything back and hammeriting the underside of the chassis in all known areas, I will also be plating the rear arches to prevent them rusting out, then I will go to town with the underseal.

as for performance I will be fitting a few parts from the Autech and mainly Im just going to be focusing on the breathing side of things, believe it or not Ive only hit VVL in it once :P
Best of luck with it....looking forward to seeing how you finish it.

Have to agree l like the no kit look too! To me its either N1 spoiler / vzr skirts & spats / Nismo splitter (same as Gallys) or leave it bare the way she is and drop it like its hot! Tuned with nice exhaust and intake and she'll be class
Well done on the purchase Sam, i hate to admit it, but i think you made the right choice in buying this N1.

Look forward to seeing this car progress.
i tend to disagree with the non kit look , the vzr sideskirts/spats/splitter are a must i think as for the N1 spoiler ..... U HAVE TOO
Funny enough mine was the exact same non kit and absolutly no mods except a set of leeds... It's scary how mint they are from japan aint it? I never bothered with underseal as I usually dont even drive it if there is rain out.

Well wear with her anyway and she ain't a lightweight model they were all like that man, only the ver 2 had the option of race and road spec. You will be like the rest of the n1 freaks now finding out all the little bits of info on them, a blackie is a nice one to get for the extra rareity I doubt the 20 ever made figure tho I have nearly seen more than that myself.

Anyways enough crap talk and welcome to this exclusive family!
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