Sams VZ-R N1

So I learned of a chassis setup place not far from me and spent a few hours this afternoon there with the car.

A proper old school setup, in a barn on a farm, his beard is epic and his knowledge/fabrication skill is incredible.

Had it weighed and with me sat in the car with full interior and a full tank of fuel it came at just over a tonne with a 70/30 weight distribution.


The man Dave was very happy with how the car was setup and didn't really want to change anything, he said it was spot on for a base to work with, all the setting front and rear were exactly how he would have them for a fwd car.

He did however adjust the corner weights to get the percentages within 1% either side, one of the best he had done in a long time.





Then on the way home after driving for about 8 miles down a track about as wide as the car we encountered this :/

2 feet deep in the middle!


After removing someone's gate and half the front bumper we got it turned around and made our way back to a proper road.

Booking a Track for early September so will see how the car handles.
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Another track day down, at Hullavington Airfield this time, never done it before and to be honest I dont think Il do another much prefer proper circuits.

Had no issues at all through the day the car was perfect.

Had a guy walk past it after the first session and crouch down looking for an intercooler :)


how do you find them? Im running bluestuffs in the front at the moment but thinking of changing to either ds2500 or cl5+ (although cl5 sound like they give off metallic dust)
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