Sams VZ-R N1

Rear beam is still sat in the garage, havnt touched it yet.

Planning to strip it back and paint it up.
Cleaning up


Bought some meguires super degreaser.

Has done the trick.

I suppose a coating of oil on the underside will only help with rust prevention...

Shit luck dude, hope everything is ok in the long run!
Car has had 2 new front wheel bearings, and a new ball joint, a TDM bumpsteer kit and I've also fitted a 0deg toe bent rear beam.

I had it shot blasted, zinc coated then powder coated, and put it in with some SuperPro poly bushes.



Raised the car all round, as I got fed up of the engine brace hitting things, got an alignment session booked for Friday morning, so will see how it all lines up then :)
Results are in after fitting the rear beam.

Top sheet is stock, results to the right are with the bent beam. I was expecting more of a change to be honest. It could do with being bent more to reach zero.

There's obviously several variables here that are different to before, the car to drive feels a lot different, it doesn't feel like the rear of the car is being dragged round corners any more, its much smoother, yet to really give it some stick.

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