Stani's SR20 Micra Build

I would check the shimming of the cams if the valves have been ground back in.
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Over a month since my last post :confused:

Not a lot has changed to be honest, just received my block back from machine shop on Friday! Also went and ordered all the parts from nissan so in a couple weeks I'll have all the parts ready to put the engine back together.

Hey can anyone give me pointers towards what piston ring end gaps they've used and recommend. Currently doing mines and ring 1 ranges from 0.38mm-0.39mm across the 4 and the second ring 0.55mm-0.60mm. These are new rings, old ones were much worse

Id say use whatever is in the FSM...and then add 0.05mm. You are turbo'd so its a good idea to have a little more ring gap than N/A.

0.4mm top ring and 0.55mm second ring sounds about right to me.
Progress has been slow but I'm in no rush! Main parts of the bottom end are together, had to order a set of crank seals (pick them up tomorrow) But no idea when I'll finish building the engine. Buying myself a clutch for Christmas though! :)

My only recent photo lol

Picked up my crank seals from nissan earlier so decided to brave the cold and get a little bit more done. Firstly the last time i was up there my mate glen was looking at the chain cover/oil pump. And when turning it it sounded rattly! Weird because id driven the engine with no noises whatsoever, so opened it up tonight and theres a fucking bolt in there! :eek: Could only have been from agra when they done my engine, that couldve been bad! Anyway heres where im at...

Was going to put my head studs in but there full of metal so will need to clean it all out first.

Also has anyone had there flywheel skimmed? Mines has a lip on it
How much time did you spend cleaning the inside of the block once you had all the machining done? As machine shops RARELY do anything more than just run an air line over the block. Some of the chunks I've witnessed come out of a 'clean' block are very scary it really does get everywhere.
It seems its only the head stud threads that got some left in there, all the other threaded holes on the underside (which would have been facing down when the block was skimmed) were perfect, i suppose there isnt much they could and i can imagine they were probably almost full of shavings
Been a little while, engines built ready to get back in the car. Just the odd bit to pickup then to put a turbo kit together. Heres whats been done to the engine

Cosworth 1.1 Headgasket
Cosworth head stud kit
Genuine piston rings, stem seals, bearings, crank seals,
Head skim, 2 exhaust studs helicoiled
Block skim, hone and oil return drilled/tapped
200sx pistons and rods with arp bolts
Stock flywheel skim With Clutchmasters fx400 kit
Ngk spark plugs
New exhaust/inlet gasket
New coolant temp sensor
New exhaust studs/nuts

Has cost a fair bit when you add it up, couldnt imagine building a fully kitted out sr :eek:
Lad i know with a GTi Micra has snapped the n/s chassis leg without Boost,might be an idea to beef it up a bit.
Looks great :) keep at it.
It`s getting a new shell at he moment,i do think it might of been notched as Spook has said,so yours might be OK the way you have done it.
I know it was plated up a second time and broke again,hence the re-shell.
I`ll try to get some pics when he turns up in it :)
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