Syv's N16 2.2 dCi daily-project

Takes some time to save for it, but when its done there's no regrets :)

Cupra R lip - check.

Will get some decent photos in few days, overall look is quite satisfying. Really happy how this turned out.

Yeah indeed, this is where yours started, wish I had the patience to go for the full open mouth conversion. :) Still one of the best mods this splitter is, should have done it long ago.
Yeah indeed, this is where yours started, wish I had the patience to go for the full open mouth conversion. :) Still one of the best mods this splitter is, should have done it long ago.
Do it you know you want to it will complete the look ;)

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it looks pretty hot without it, but yeah it will come to that eventually I reckon. :)

So, some better quality pics of how it stands today. Plus side - quite impressive fitment, really turn heads now. Minus side - Exhaust knocking and rubbing front tires on the larger bumps. I use to live with exhaust knocking, doesn't really bother me, but rubbing on the front wheels is another thing. Can't see any marks on the tires, from the looks it's bumper mounts are that are causing this issue. Have any of you experienced this, any advice how to fix this? Easiest way - raise the coilovers by 0.5cm or so, but damn it looks too good to do it now :)

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I had to raise mine up front and back last week as speed bumps were a pain and my commute there is no realistic way around them. Slammed looks good but practicality won out for me. I recall talk of the bumper mounts from others on here maybe worth trimming them down until a better solution is found to locate the bumper without the current mounts?

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Yeah the mounts are an issue. My bolts are slightly worn from tyre rubbing lol. I was thinking of either using those elastic hook over mounts you see on some drift cars, or cutting a reusable cable tie, a big thick one, and fixing it to the inside of the wing and bumper. Glue gun maybe? Dont know but it'll need to be mega strong.
I reckon the elastic mounts go against the bang tidy look, but do look sorta cool, Ed your car is super clean and it looks as if Syv's is too. :)
Well that story eventually ended in raising the front by 0.5cm. Didn't spoil the look too much to be honest and the rubbing is 90% gone. Coilovers are set at 15 clicks from softest which result in pretty comfortable ride. Had the alignment done, nice to see car driving straight again lol. Desperately needing new lug nuts. So in the end 17x8 et35 looks perfect on the front, it would be really difficult to go wider at this point. Rear wheels - another story, from the looks It could get away with 10mm spacer, ideas of staggered setup are slowly coming to head (17x9 rear, 17x8 front).



There's a point where the bumper mounts get in the way though and no amount of roll or flare fixes that.

Having constant rubbing on daily ride isn't really the best idea. I remember Eds rear with 20mm spacers I believe, on 8J wheel with et35. Was that drivable or just for the show? More concave grids are 17x9 et25. I've seen them on B15, but thats with some serious camber and rubbing for sure.
Looks great you dont really notice the +5mm. I did notice you have debadged and blacked out the grill and side repeaters leaving the rear lights door handles bonnet badge yet replaced the black aerial with silver, personally id have done all black or none and removed the yellow fogs that fad wore off back in the 1980s, well in the uk that is lol
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