N16 SR16VE

nah those scuffs were minor, when this was done I had my grandad and two of his mates from the blind club in the car, and when it scuffed it sounded like the rear quarters were being torn off lol

thanks ben :)

got an email late last night saying the parts I was waiting on have came in earlier than expected and will be shipped out to me today :cool:

this summer, more like this month lol. we've just to finish building nistro's pnp'd head (new stem seals, check and lap valves if needed, new springs and retainers) and drop it onto the autech bottom end and then into his car, we should get that done in the week or so that it will take for the last of my rebuild bits to arrive, then mine will be started ;)



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Yeah makes a difference Phil, they won't bulge out as much as well as the obvious less profile. Had 205/55 on my TypeC's as they came and they rubbed, then fitted 205/50 and all good. Going even less profile in the next couple of days!
yeah kind of annoying, they were getting replaced anyway due to being the wrong size but as they had so much tread I was going to run them for a while first, but we'll see how things go as I've got a lot to shell out for in the next few months, bonnet, paint, grille, bumper mods, engine rebuild etc. anytime bud, the door is always open :)

I think Paul's visit will be during the week so you most likely wont be about dave lol, anyway the bring baycon request is only for friends receiving assistance/getting work done, we supply the eats for friends who are coming for a catch up/blether ;)

a little engine build update this time, my original plan for the new bottom end was to send my spare set of 16ve pistons off for machining, as by taking 0.6mm off the whole piston crown would take the static compression ratio down from about 13.97:1 to about 13:1, but just a few days before i was away to send them off a set of cp 12.5:1 ve pistons came up for sale, and for about the same cost as the machining too, so the decision was kinda a no brainer and i bought them, i had to order a set of cp rings for these as the stock ve rings aren't fully compatable with the cp's but they should be here any day now as they were sent out last friday from gspec. the cp's arrived a little while ago but i just got round to cleaning them up this evening so i thought i'd post some pics. anyway these cp's were originally craigs and were in his high comp ve that was in his n14, and dale bought them from craig but he never got round to fitting them to an engine before selling them on to me. with that in mind i'm hoping craig will chime in as to how the pictured damage occurred to them as it's on every single piston, so i'm wondering if there was combustion chamber contact? or something else i need to look out for? or is this just det damage? anyway here's a pic of the general condition they were in as they arrived,


so i set about them with a plastic brush and wd40 and got them back to looking like this :)













as i said i'm only interested in the source of the damage as a heads up so i can avoid any farther problems, imo the damage so far isn't terminal, as i'll just take off any sharp edges with a hand file just to make sure there aren't any hotspots to cause det. i also received some multi layer, reinforced silicone pipe to replace the join between the block and the thermostat housing piping that's under the inlet manifold, one for me and one for nistro :)


more to come as and when it happens :)
thanks guys, yeah paul had the damage been mentioned in the sale add I may not have bought them, or i certainly wouldn't have paid the asking price, but yet again that's my own fault for not asking for pics, but these aren't half as bad as the first set of ve pistons I bought, which are only any use as paperweights due to the damage they have!, i guess 'caveat emptor' should be tattooed on the inside of my eyelids so i will take heed lol



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I wouldnt had said those marks were from being in an engine.. transport or storage marks I reckon
yeah i'd agree with the non engine damage but for the fact the dents are on the 4 'corners' of each piston, I can't see how storage or transportation impacts could cause that, also looking at most of them they look to be impacted from the face of the piston downwards towards the skirt? again how that could happen outside an engine, plus these are hard and would need a decent impact to cause some of those so again i cant see it, well unless they've been used as a hammer lol



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This piston set never left the box they arrived to me in, so the damage i am seeing in this thread is new to me...i'd like to make that clear.

I removed one piston from this box on the day of my engine rebuild to fit my new OEM nissan rings and basically found the rings didn't fit, hence why i didn't use them. The one piston that was removed had a tiny minor scuff (I'm guessing pic 4) that IMO didn't warrant a mention on a used part.

Phil mentioned this damage via pm, and i said i had seen a small scuff that i said didn't warrant a mention in my opinion and basically shrugged it off. Although i am now left a little annoyed, the other pistons have slightly worse damage which i admit i hadn't even looked at.

I didn't even know that the pistons and rods i sold came with ARP rod bolts, which Phil brought to my attention, so i have to admit i've been a bit ignorant to these parts since i purchased them. I bought them and sold them.

It is odd that the marks are in the same areas on the pistons, but I also don't think these are engine related damages, particularly from looking at piston pic 3 as a bit of metal appears to be left sticking out.

I'd be happy to take these pistons back Phil and give you a refund, but i don't think thats what you want to do.
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