Sams VZ-R N1

Looks very good. Any vids of the old box too as a comparison?

Might have to visit him to restructure my downpipe so the ARB can go back on.
Loudest I've managed with a decibel meter is 94db its loudest between 4-5k rpm its actually quieter on cam switch, just a really nice note, its brand new though so will probably get louder once the packing settles in.

75db on idle.

A lot quieter than the 5zigen, don't really know what I was thinking when I had that made.
New plugs as I've no idea how old the ones in it were, seem to have cured a slight hesitation I had around the first cam switch.

Old ones, healthy? I've seen better...


Response from NGK;

"The suitable spark Plug for Nissan Pulsar VZ-R (JN15 SR16VE) is NGK Platinum BKR6EVX.
The difference between BKR6EVX and BKR6EVX-11 is gap. The gap of BKR6EVX is 0.8 mm, and of BKR6EVX-11 is 1.1 mm.
Plug gap is decided with the generated coil voltage of each car. Generated coil voltage of VZ-R is lower than that of the car which BKR6EVX-11 is applicable. As continuing to use plugs, the gap would be wider as usual. It means if you use BKR6EVX-11, the possibility of misfire of spark plug would be getting more higher."
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